The Logical Choice


What would you pay for an ability to buy a bill board on the side of an Interstate that spans thousands of lanes across and sees millions of passengers drive by every day? What if that bill board lit up and displayed only to drivers specifically interested in your product line or services? That is exactly the kind of marketing an efficiently planned and executed website promotion campaign will make possible for you -- exactly the kind of marketing 8020 will bring to the table.

Our SEO Philosophy


Our SEO Philosophy is in great part shaped around a theory in finance that sprang from the work of the economist Vilfredo Pareto. He is credited with establishing what is now widely known as the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule. That, "for many phenomena 80% of consequences stem from 20% of the causes.” In other words - to name just a couple examples - roughly 20% of internet keywords generate 80% percent of internet traffic, 80% percent of internet sales come from 20% of internet product lines, etc.

One of the greatest shortfalls practiced by existing SEO's is that they "micro" manage a website's optimization. Every industry is different, every company unique, you cannot take a cookie cutter approach to optimizing a website and expect it to perform. To truly be successful in this market you have to take a more holistic approach and shift your focus initially away from your website and analyze your competitors.

Good SEO work starts will a concept very similar to reverse engineering. You find a website that is doing well in your target market then you analyze their website for a variety of factors – its keyword density, content formation, who links to it, etc You cannot market without proper business intelligence. Intelligence represents the ‘flip side’ of the strategy coin. Strategy without intelligence is not strategy, it is guessing. Marketing without strategy is not marketing, it is gambling. The future of your company is not something we will gamble with.

You need to maintain an edge over your competitors. You need to know how well you are doing and exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lay. With proper website analytics we will be able to pinpoint – right down to the very city – how your performance is in a specific region.

Google Local Search & SEO Services


For those passionate about online business, it's a thrilling blend of many a science and discipline, covering linguistics, psychology, marketing, technology, and others

Web promotion must be executed from start from finish with one thing in mind - every client - every website - is unique, and accordingly the efforts required to meet their needs must be correspondingly customized to each. We will anaylze your and your competitors' current market stances, map out the most efficient methods for you to approach your market sector, and position you strategically ensuring you experience a ROI on your efforts that make successes from any marketing attempts in the past pale in comparision.

Is your business ready for its next step forward?

Organic SEO



We will build a comprehensive database of websites pertinent to your business that are prime candidates for linking. We will routinely expand upon and contact each site individually and introduce them to your services for annual contract subscribers. A variety of press release outlets will be utilized to further enhance your websites exposure.

We will take your existing search term list and use it to find who your most aggressive competitors are. Each will be analyzed for their strength and weakness, and each will be closely examined to see exactly where their services may overlap with yours.

Google Local Marketing



Go Local!

Google's network serves 34,000 searches a second. That translates into 3 billion per day; or 88.1 billion searches per month. Google stated over 20% of those searches - over 17 billion - are for local merchants and services. In addition to Google, Yahoo serves 8.4 billion, and Bing 2.4 - putting the tally of local driven searches near 20 billion a month.

One area we specialize in (Check out Google Places) is perhaps the most efficient means of marketing available to businesses today.

Google Places has even gone mobile because local is, unsurprisingly, a huge component in activity on smartphones. (Check out Google Places for Mobile and Google Maps for Mobile) For example, 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information. 61% call a business, 59% visit a business and 44% actually make a purchase.

This surge of highly focused channel of consumers has transformed the local ad landscape. Savvy small companies with small marketing budgets found they could compete againt larger competitors that were still pouring thousands of dollars into less effective conventional media buys like print, radio and TV.

Is it for you? Check out this Google Places Case Study, or this Case Study, and decide.

Social Networking



Social Mania!

The mob does rule! Information traveling Social Media channels travels faster than gossip, connects you to nearly a billion people by a mere six degrees of separation, and gives you the ability to utilize the power of personal referrals when used as a brand building tool. Is it any wonder social media has emerged as perhaps the most powerful marketing weapon in modern day's corporate arsenal?

To get a good grasp of the impact this technological evolution has had on the world check out this Clay Shirky video that discusses the Global cultural impact of social media. You'll see how it has enmeshed itself in the daily routine of hundred of millions of people.

You'll get a good gauge in these videos of the broad range of industries that have experimented with Social Media Marketing campaigns and the ROI past Social Media efforts have earned.